Friday, April 16, 2010


So the first run with the Vibram KSOs went so well I was ready to pitch my Asics in the trash, until I woke up the next day and could barely walk. It is pretty clear structured running shoes have been protecting all the muscles from my lower calf to the top of my foot. Very intense how sore they are. But, they don't feel injured. They just feel like I haven't ever worked those muscles at all, and then when for a 4km run.

I'm really looking forward to building up my strength to the point where I can run in them full time. I don't really want to use them as a training tool to supplement my runs. I want to run it them every time I run: not for health benefits, or because I want to get faster (although I believe those things will happen), but because I really enjoy the feeling. Had I done a 10k yesterday in my Asics instead of less than 4k in the Vibrams, I probably would have ducked out for my normal 7k out and back around Lost Lagoon. Instead, I did not run at all. I'm sore enough I didn't feel it made sense to run, regardless of the shoes.

So I'm getting obsessed with these. Lets hope it drives me to run more.

I would actually love a pair of the KSO Trek's just to wear around.

These look like the perfect shoe to me. They are sturdy, good for hiking, decent tread. I think they look fantastic, but Katie isn't convinced. Also a coworker says it looks like a bigfoot foot, or a monkey. I think they meant it in a bad way, not a "that looks awesome" kind of way. Seriously, I would wear these every day. They may be the coolest shoes I have ever seen.

The other thing I want to get is the book Born to Run. It looks like a good read, and will help feed my obsession. I guess being obsessed with the 5 fingers shoes and barefoot running in general will give me something to do until I can walk again... ;)

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