Sunday, May 23, 2010

Another barefoot run

Just a quick note about my run on Thursday. Went out with a friend at lunch and decided to go shoeless again.

We did about 5km, like my first run, but no major problems with the feet. They were tender at parts, and the grass was amazing compared to the concrete and asphalt, but I didn't get the same hotspot/blister problems on my midfoot.

The crazy thing is that after my first barefoot run the skin on my foot changed significantly. The outside portion of my feet was the same baby-soft skin I had up on the high part of my arch. That first run hurt like hell by the end. I thought it might blister, but it just got puffy and tender. A week later, those tender spots are now tough, thick pads of skin, more like the balls or heels of my feet. I cruised through the run at an easy pace, and felt fine after. It was an enjoyable run. Parts of it were raining lightly, and the concrete felt cool and wet. I was a bit worried about the water softening up my feet and having problems because of it. But things were fine.

I now understand how people can run long distance barefoot. Feet are amazing. They get stronger quickly, and your running adapts to take it easy on them and land softer. Obviously they have evolved to do this, but it is amazing to me how fast it happens. After a single run, my foot was ready to go and significantly tougher a week later.


I'm going to stick to one easy barefoot run a week for now, the rest in the Vibram Fivefingers,  and see how it goes. Also considering signing up for the summerfast 10k to see if I can improve on my sun run time. I'm sure I can (it is a less crowded race on a flat course). But how much can I improve? I would love to get it under 50 min. Three and a half minutes should be possible, but can I do more?

Guess I should sign up for the race before I decide how fast I want to finish.

There, I'm all signed up. Saturday July 17th. 55 days. Now for the training and obsessing on times.

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